This Free eBook created by Lesley Andrew will support you to use art as a form of behavioural activation, find ways to explore and regulate emotions and empower you to express yourself  authentically.
It is for anyone wanting to improve their mental health. whether you are experiencing stress, anxiety, low mood low self esteem or any other emotional difficulty. This is not a replacement for professional support however is a great starting point and way to make back control of your own emotions.
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I'm excited that you are interested in accessing my free 'Art Heals' e-book which is all about 
how to improve mental health using art because this an area of importance to me. I would love to tell you a bit more about myself and what to expect from this resource.

My name is Lesley and I'm an art therapist. It is my mission to share the therapeutic benefits of art and creativity to as many people as possible, especially the profound effects that art can have on someone's mental health and overall wellbeing.
I won't need to remind you about how important it is to look after your mental health and that of your loved ones. Mental health is spoken about a lot more in society these days yet it can still be very tricky as there is still a lot of stigma surrounding it.

The majority of treatments for mental health conditions use verbal methods and although talking therapies can be helpful they are not for everyone. Sometimes 'words are not enough' or thoughts feelings and experiences can be too painful to talk about. This is one of the reasons why I love being an art therapist and I love being able to help people to express themselves, manage their emotions, process traumatic experiences and gain insights in a creative way.

Anyway..... what's this e-book all about then?
 A small and mighty practical resource to use in your own time in order to improve emotional wellbeing.
 It includes accessible information and creative activities within 5 categories so that you can feel empowered to take action as it feels helpful in the moment. Not everyone is able to access art therapy nor do they need to and this booklet can allow you to take steps to keep your mental health on track as well as to feel better when not feeling your best

 5 pillars of art healing! 
1) Activate
Increase your understanding of 'behavioural activation' and how art can be used as a way to change your mental state purely through the commitment to action and the feeling of enjoyment and achievement
2) Express
Possibly the most obvious one.  I encourage you to express yourself using creative means. It can be difficult to express ourselves sometimes and so making art can be a way to authentically express a thought feeling or experience without worrying how it might be received by others.  
 Emotional ups and downs are inevitable in life but sometimes it can feel too much. Art can be used to create a feeling of calm or to energise depending on your emotional state simply by choosing different art materials and different types of activities.   
Being able to explore different aspects of ourselves and the world is essential in life and especially important when in pivotal times of development and experiencing life transitions. The use of images, symbols and metaphors can allow different insights to be revealed with new meanings.   
 Feeling empowered using art isn't about making high quality images and artefacts but more about making connections to ones self and recognising the stages along the journey. Creatively recognising achievements can feel less awkward for people sometimes and having an embodied sense of where heading can be significantly more powerful than just talking or writing about achievements and goals. 
I trust that using this book can be a great starting point for you and if you wish to access more I have an online course called 'Therapeutic Expressive Art' and 1-1 art therapy interventions available. 
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