Therapeutic Expressive Art

Art for Expression and Emotional regulation!

Course Summary

Creative expressive ways to transform your life from surviving to thriving with confidence and authenticity.
In this course I will show you ways to use art to express yourself, explore thoughts and feelings and to regulate emotions.
Benefits include:
  1) Increase in how using creativity to express self and as a result boost mood and improve confidence, relationships with others and level of productivity.
  2) Become more connected with yourself and the world around through increased awareness and mindfulness and feelings of gratitude
  3) Reduction in anxiety and stress levels, improvements in sleep, a calmer mind and more energy and vitality overall.
  4) Feel empowered to make art and other creative activities in a way that is best for you.
 5) Bonus videos and lessons in relation to overall art making experience and regarding improvement of mental health and mindset

Course Curriculum

Lesley Andrew Andrew

Artist, Art Psychotherapist, Emotional Change Therapist 

Course Pricing

  • Therapeutic Expressive Art Course
  • £47

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